A joint effort from ARM, ARM Partners, and its global Developer Community, the mbed single-board microcontroller rapid prototyping platform is great for those looking to get started with ARM product/project development. The mbed development board we offer uses the beefly LPC1768 ARM Cortex M3 chip, and is best for quick prototyping and self-education about ARM-ecosystem embedded development. It boasts clever thinking including a second LPC chip under the PCB to act as the programmer for the board to reduce the initial equipment outlay ARM developers face, and solutions for many peripherals/IO.

Looking to turbo-charge your dev board? Check out the mbed Application Board. (And check out the mbed.org cookbook for more ideas.) Or maybe you want to get to know the mbed in the context of an existing project? Check out our mbed and NFC/RFID Starter Pack that has everything you need to experiment with an embedded NFC/RFID!

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