12mm Diameter Slider Platform

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Описание товара

Make your robot or CNC move on our Aluminum Slide Rail with this sliding ball-bearing platform. The slider is 39mm x 36mm and has four holes tapped for M4 machine screws so you can attach pretty much anything you want. This slider has a plastic interior with small metal ball bearings to make it slide easily and smoothly. 

The platform won’t come off the railing but it does rotate a bit around so for best stability, use two support rails. Often times, CNC projects will have two of these on opposite sides of the machine body to support a larger platform. You can also have some other support mechanism of your own devising. 

Comes as a single bearing platform. You’ll want to pick up at least one 12mm railing as well. We have a bunch of bearings, supports and platforms that you may want to use with an 8mm based rail system so check out our CNC category 


  • Load-bearing Mechanism: Hydrostatic Bearing
  • Bearing Shell Material: Plastic


  • 39mm x 36mm x 27mm / 1.5″ x 1.4″ x 1″
  • Width of Top: 40mm / 1.6″
  • Inside Diameter: 12mm / 0.5″
  • Outer Diameter: 30mm / 1.2″
  • Weight: 87.4g