12mm Supported Slide Rail — 600mm long

880 грн.

Код товара: 1851

Описание товара

Do the CNC electric-slide! To the left, now to the right. Now you have no excuse for not building that CNC robot. This supported 12mm diameter slide rail makes adding linear motion control easy. This product is the slide rail itself that works perfectly with our 12mm Diameter Rail Slider. Made of an aluminum base and a stainless-steel precision railing bonded/welded on permanently, its exactly 30mm x 28mm and 600mm long. It is possible to cut it down to any size but you’ll need tools that can cut hardened stainless steel. 

The support metal makes the rail strong and straight. There are holes in the base for easy attachment to any metal or wood surface. Chances are you’ll want two of these and then two or more rail sliders for stability and support. 


  • 602mm x 30mm x 28mm / 23.7″ x 1.2″ x 1.1″
  • Weight: 930g