3DR Iris+ — Autonomous multicopter
3DR Iris+ — Autonomous multicopter3DR Iris+ — Autonomous multicopter3DR Iris+ — Autonomous multicopter3DR Iris+ — Autonomous multicopter3DR Iris+ — Autonomous multicopter3DR Iris+ — Autonomous multicopter

3DR Iris+ — Autonomous multicopter

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  • The new consumer-grade 3DR Iris+ is an all-in-one autonomous aerial vehicle with a compact and durable design. Stylish and powerful, Iris runs on the innovative Pixhawk autopilot system—the newest in advanced autopilot electronics from the PX4 open-hardware project. With wide-angled arms and a GoPro-compatible camera mount, Iris is perfect for any aerial imaging application. Add a GoPro HERO3+ to capture breathtaking aerial video. The IRIS comes with a custom radio control transmitter.

    Iris features the complete set of APM:Copter autonomous capabilities, including automatic takeoff and landing, custom mission planning with GPS waypoint navigation, stabilized loitering, return to launch, circling mode, and more. If you grab their free App DroidPlanner, you can use your phone/tablet to draw pretermined flight plans so you can be tracked automiatically while you are thrashing. Combine Pixhawk’s high availability hardware model with APM:Copter’s robust automatic recovery for superior reliability in the air.

    Iris includes

    • Fully-assembled Iris UAV
    • Custom FlySky RC transmitter
    • Lithium polymer power pack, balance charger, and guard bag
    • Micro-USB ground station connector cable
    • Android tablet USB adapter
    • 3DR Radio wireless data in 915 or 433 Mhz
    • Interchangeable red legs for improved visibility in the air
    • Tool kit and operation manual


    • Multiple control options provide redundancy and flexibility: RC, computer, phone, and tablet
    • Wireless data for real-time mission monitoring, data-logging, and control
    • Powerful cross-platform ground station/mission planning and analysis software that runs on Windows, OS X and Linux, providing simple point-and-click programming and configuration
    • Mobile apps allow intuitive “draw a path” mission planning
    • Mounting system integrated into the arms provides easy mounting for future accessories (stay tuned!)
    • Camera options include a fully integrated stabilized camera gimbal with autopilot control
    • GoPro® compatible camera mount
    • Available with a 9-channel RC transmitter pre-programmed for the most popular flight modes.
    • Pre-programmed GPS waypoints allow for professional-grade mission capabilities, such as: mapping, scripted cinematography, scientific research, and other applications where repeatable flight plans are required
    • Robust arms and feet produced from Zytel Nylon® for the ultimate in wear, abrasion, and impact resistance over a wide temperature range (these can be easily and inexpensively replaced if required)
    • Auto takeoff and landing along with return-to-launchpoint command at the press of a button or under programmable failsafe conditions
    • Follow-me function for the ultimate «selfies.» In this mode, IRIS will follow (at an adjustable distance) any ground station device equipped with a GPS antenna and one of our 3DR radios
    • Geo Fencing provides a virtual box to keep your drone within a user-selected space
    • Failsafe programming options bring peace of mind in the event of lost control signal, GPS or low battery conditions
    • External micro-USB port
    • Multicolor LED status indicator
    • Buzzer for audible status and warning messages
    • Safety switch adds a second level of protection
    • Open source flight code, ground station software, and electronics are all freely distributed under standard open source licenses. This means that IRIS’ capabilities are always improving and expanding with a simple firmware update!



      • Motor to motor dimension: 550 mm
      • Height: 100 mm
      • Weight (with battery): 1282 g
      • Average flight time: 16-22 minutes
      • 400 g (.8 lb) payload capacity
      • Battery: 3S 5.1 Ah 8C lithium polymer
      • Propellers: (2) 9.5 x 4.5 normal-rotation, (2) 9.5 x 4.5 reverse-rotation
      • Motors: 920 kV
      • Radios available in 915mHz or 433mHz, with a range of up to 1km (.6 miles)
      • Next-gen 32-bit Pixhawk autopilot system with Cortex M4 processor
      • uBlox GPS with integrated magnetometer

      For User Guides, Set Up, Maintenance, and more check out the Documentation page!