4-pin JST SM Receptacle Cable

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This cable product is no longer sold individually. We now only have them in set pairs for the same price! Get them here.This 4-wire cable is 20cm long and has a JST SM type connector receptacle on the end. It mates with the JST SM plug cable and is good for whenever you have 4 wires you want to be able to plug and unplug. We like the solid and compact nature of these connectors and the latch that keeps the cable from coming apart easily. For more information, check the JST SM connector datasheetOur digital addressable LED strip and 12mm pixels also come with JST SM connectors and you can use these cables to connect to the input or output portThis cable can be used to connect to the OUTPUT port of our LPD8806 digital addressable LED strip so that you can connect another strip to the output, or perhaps apply power to the ‘output’ end. It can be used to connect to the INPUT port of our WS2801 LED Pixels so that you can easily plug it into your Arduino or similar.



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