8 MHz Ceramic Resonator / Oscillator

145 грн.

Код товара: 1872
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Описание товара

Keep your microcontroller tickin’ with a ceramic oscillator. These little devices are bread-board friendly (0.1″ pin spacing) and easy to use. They act much like crystals with the ‘stability’ capacitors inside. They have 0.5% accuracy, great for every day electronics and microcontroller work and certainly precise enough for UART or other baud-rate generation. For ultra-high precision needs (USB timing, long-term time-keeping, RF/PLL/VCO driving) you may need a crystal or temperate-compensated oscillator. 

To use, connect the two outer pins to XTAL-in and XTAL-out on your circuit (they package is symmetric so use whichever outer pin) and the inner pin to ground. Check the datasheet for more specs 

  • Total Dimensions: 8mm x 9mm x 2mm / .3″ x .4″ x .08″
  • Pin Length: 4.3mm / .17″


  • datasheet