Adafruit Beginner LED Sewing Kit
Adafruit Beginner LED Sewing Kit

Adafruit Beginner LED Sewing Kit

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Add LED accents to textile projects with Adafruit’s LED Sewing Kit! Stitch a glowing circuit with conductive thread— this kit comes with everything you need to get started:
1 bobbin of 2-ply conductive thread
2 x sewable CR2032 battery holders
2 x CR2032 batteries
4 x candle flicker LEDs — they twinkle automatically, no need for a microcontroller or external circuit!
4 x 5mm snaps to use as as sewable switches
Needle set
This kit comes with enough supplies to make two projects with two LEDs each, or one project with four LEDs. Great for embroidery and needlework, light-up jewelry and hair accessories, shoes, plush toys, and more. This is a great beginner kit for kids (no soldering!) and adults alike who are looking to get into soft circuits and wearable electronics.

Check out our guide for the LED Sewing Kit on the Adafruit Learning System!

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