Adafruit + Cartoon Network Cosplay "The Works" Kit
Adafruit + Cartoon Network Cosplay "The Works" Kit

Adafruit + Cartoon Network Cosplay «The Works» Kit

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Are you a super Cartoon Network fan and interested in making cosplay and Halloween projects with a Circuit Playground Express, but overwhelmed with what to buy?

Here’s a huge kit to get started, no matter your skill level. This kit includes beautiful and colorful programmable NeoPixel LEDs to glow up (a Circuit Playground Express and a NeoPixel strip), conductive nylon tape, supplies to attach it together (bolt-on kit and plastic pop rivets), and battery holders to keep your costume / project dazzling even after the witching hour. And to boot, there’s no soldering required!

This pack is has more stuff than the Introductory Kit or Basics Kit - it includes flexible conductive metal tape, a magnetic pin back, protective crystal clear enclosure and a battery extension cable, a clip-on powered speaker, bolt-on kit and pop rivets.

MakeCode, Microsoft’s drag-and-drop code editor, makes it easy for everyone to get up and running with Circuit Playground Express. With so many options accessible with MakeCode, it’s really fun and rewarding to customize and play around with programming blinky lights and sounds. You can learn to program even if it’s your very first electronics project, works with any Mac, Windows, Linux or ChromeBook computer.

Looking for some learn guides for costume / prop inspiration? With this kit you can build the Obsidian Sword from Steven’s Universe, the Magical Cardboard Craft Obsidian Sword, Garnet’s Gauntlet and Palm Gem. We hope it inspires you to keep leveling up your maker-prowess and achieve your greatest cosplay dreams!

Kit includes everything from the Introductory Kit:

  • Cartoon Network Sticker Set for Circuit Playground Express with 22 unique vinyl stickers designed by Cartoon Network artists!
  • 1 x Circuit Playground Express — Base Kit with:
    • Circuit Playground Express — also known as CPX, this is the brains of your cosplay
    • USB Cable — A/MicroB — 3ft — used to program your CPX
    • Battery Holder with On/Off Switch, JST, and Belt Clip
    • 3 x Alkaline AAA Batteries — to power your project on the go, you can also use rechargeables
  • 1 x Adafruit NeoPixel LED Strip with Alligator Clips — 30 LEDs/meter — a meter long colorful LED strip

And adds the parts from the Basics Kit

  • 1 x Adafruit Circuit Playground Express Enclosure — Keeps your CPX safe and sound, and also makes it easy to attach to a strap
  • 1 x Conductive Nylon Fabric Tape — 8mm Wide x 10 meters long — Perfect for use with capacitive touch projects, this extends the sensing reach of the CPX pads
  • 1 x JST-PH Battery Extension Cable — makes your battery pack loooooooooooooooooong
  • 1 x Magnetic Pin Back — A strong but easily adjustable attachment that wont poke holes in your fabric

And tops it off with even more:

  • 1 x 3xAA battery holder with belt clip — Gives you more power for bigger builds that have to last through a full ‘con day. Use alkaline or, better yet, rechargeable batteries
  • 1 x Bolt-On Kit for Circuit Playground — This allows you to attach wired components or semi-permanently attach the CPX to cardboard without gluing
  • 1 x Plastic Pop Rivets (20-pack) — Make cardboard crafting a breeze
  • 1 x Adafruit STEMMA Speaker — Plug and Play Audio Amplifier — Blast your tunes and tones with this 1 Watt powered speaker, its nice and slim and is much louder than the tiny speaker on the CPX
  • 1 x JST PH 3-pin Plug to Color Coded Alligator Clips Cable — Use to connect the speaker to the CPX