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Build an «Internet of Things» connected mini printer that will do your bidding! This is a fun weekend project that comes with a beautiful laser cut case. Once assembled, the little printer connects to Ethernet to get Internet data for printing onto 2 1/4″ wide receipt paper. The example sketch we’ve written will connect to Twitter’s search API and retrieve and print tweets according to your requests: you can have it print out tweets from a person, a hashtag, mentioning a word, etc! Once you’ve gotten that working, you can of course easily adapt our sketch to customize the printer.The project is not very difficult but does require some light soldering, so you’ll want to have a little experience with a soldering iron. You’ll also need a small flathead screwdriver to assemble the box. It’s also best if you’ve had a little Arduino experience so you can feel comfortable downloading the IDE and uploading our example sketch.


  • Mini Receipt Printer
  • 50 foot long receipt paper. BPA-free.
  • 5V 2A power adapter
  • 2.1mm Panel Jack
  • Waterproof metal On/Off button
  • Extra long header piece
  • Ribbon cable
  • 1/8″ heat shrink
  • Laser cut enclosure + hardware

This pack does not contain an Arduino+Arduino Ethernet Shield, Arduino Ethernet or Ethernet cable To complete the project you will need to add eitheran Arduino + Ethernet Shield or an Arduino UNO Ethernet. If you’re using an Arduino UNO Ethernet you will also need an FTDI friend or FTDI cable to upload the sketch. A plain straight-thru Ethernet cable is also required (any length)

Before purchasing, please check out the full tutorial with images, code, etc!

Dimensions when completed: 4.85″ wide x 4″ deep x 4″ tall (125mm wide x 102mm deep x 102mm tall)



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