Bare Conductive Touch Board
Bare Conductive Touch BoardBare Conductive Touch BoardBare Conductive Touch BoardBare Conductive Touch Board

Bare Conductive Touch Board

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    Turn your paintings into touch sensors. Say what? Yes! And that’s only some of the amazing things this Bare Conducitve Touch Board can do. This board is designed to be integrated with the Bare Conductive Paint, though you can use many other conductive tools (it has 12 electrodes which can have any conductive material connected to it). But if you can paint your own, why would you use anything else?

    The pre-programmed Touch Board is Arduino-at-Heart, so your Arduino shields and code will work seemlessly with it as if it were an Arduino Leonardo. It can also play music off an SD card — you could even paint a piano and turn your Touch Board into a synthesizer! Take advantage of it’s LiPo battery charger you can make any of your projects mobile.

    Comes with a 128MB card and the assembled/tested Touch Board. You’ll need some way to amplify the audio, using powered speakers or just use headphones. A Lipoly battery is not included, any 500mAh or larger battery will work great if you want to make it portable. A microUSB cable is also handy to recharge/reprogram the Touch board, not included but you can use any data-capable micro USB cable you have around the house. We also recommend picking up some conductive paint or other conductive materials to play with.


    • 12 Touch electrodes of which 8 can be configured as extra digital inputs or outputs with PWM capability
    • 20 Arduino-compatible digital I/O pins (3 used for Touch IC and 5 for MP3 IC – can be disabled)
    • 7 Arduino-compatible PWM channels
    • Dimensions: 84mm x 62mm x 10mm / 3.3″ x 2.4″ x .4″

Bare Conductive Touch Board

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