Blank SMT Storage Book — 20 pages

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Описание товара

This cute hard-covered booklet will make storing your SMT parts a breeze with translucent flip-pages that are designed for keeping taped parts. The book has 20 pages, 19 of them are for 8mm tape (the most common size of tape by far) and 1 page is for 24mm or smaller tape. Each page has multiple ‘slots’ that you can slide your tape into. The slots are about 3.5″ long, and there are 12 per 8mm page and 6 on the 24mm page.Its easy to slide parts in due to the flexible pages, and you can even write with a sharpie marker onto the slots to help identify the tiny components. These are essentially the ‘blank’ version of our popular 0805/0603 resistor & capacitor books

Dimensions: 7.5″ x 5.5″ x 1.25″ (19cm x 14cm x 3.5cm)

Weight: 300 grams


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