BlinkStick — Smart USB-Controlled LED Pixel Kit

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Описание товара

This mini kit is an easy way to add a single RGB-color LED to your computer. After assembly (requires a soldering iron, solder and diagonal cutter — not included) plug it into you Mac, Windows or Linux computer’s USB port and run the open source software to control the bright LED’s color. No drivers required!

While there are a few USB-pixel controllers out there, we like this one for its comprehensive software & examples for popular operating systems. There’s also some code written that allows use of the blinkstick through a web-browser, using BlinkStick.com as an event-provider!

This pack contains all parts required to build one BlinkStick. It’s designed to be small (the size of an average USB Flash key), but still easy to solder even for beginners. The kit comes with a preprogrammed ATTiny85 chip with the latest BlinkStick firmware.

For tons more info, including project ideas, firmware and schematic files, instructions, etc check out blinkstick.com

  • Dimensions: 62mm / 2.44″ x 16.9mm / 0.66″ x 11.27mm / 0.44″
  • Weight: 6.93g

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