BlocklyProp Starter Kit
BlocklyProp Starter Kit

BlocklyProp Starter Kit

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  • Learning to invent is fast and fun with no code-typing or circuit-soldering to slow things down. The BlocklyProp Starter Kit has all the hardware required to fully learn the Parallax’s Blockly visual programming tool in an educational environment, providing a natural first look into the C programming language at the same time.

    BlocklyProp’s interlocking blocks with readable text introduce programming concepts in a visual, logical way that supports hands-on and inquiry learning. Blocks are provided for all of the sensors and accessories included in the Starter Kit. No software license is required to use BlocklyProp.

    Whether you are equipping your makerspace, bringing coding to your classroom, learning about hardware and programming, or providing your students with the tools they need to bring their inventions to life, the BlocklyProp Starter Kit is as powerful as it is easy to use. (If you’d like help adding BlocklyProp to your instructional program, send an email to


    • Propeller Activity Board WX with sockets for audio, microSD, and RF modules
    • 5 sensors for detecting color, motion, distance, infrared signals, and tilt/acceleration
    • 2 input devices — a joystick and infrared remote — for interactive projects
    • Servo motor, LEDs, and piezo buzzer for motion, light and sound output
    • Supported by free online programming tools, tutorials, and reference

    Kit Contents:

    • x1 Propeller Activity Board WX
    • x1 96 x 64 Color OLED Display
    • x1 Remote Control, Universal
    • x1 2-Axis Joystick
    • x1 PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
    • x1 Memsic2125 Dual-Axis Accelerometer
    • x1 PIR Mini Motion Sensor
    • x1 ColorPAL Color Sensor
    • x1 Infrared Receiver
    • x1 Parallax Standard Servo
    • x1 Electronics Component Kit
    • x1 5-AA Battery Holder, Barrel Plug
    • x5 3-Pin Extension Cables, 8″
    • x1 USB A-to-Mini-B Cable


    Additional Resources:

    • Propeller Activity Board WX Product Guide
    • BlocklyProp Online Programming Tool
    • Getting Started with BlocklyProp for the Activity Board WX
    • More BlocklyProp Tutorials
    • Propeller C Block Reference