Budget Pack for Raspberry Pi 4 2G - Includes Raspberry Pi 4 2GB
Budget Pack for Raspberry Pi 4 2G - Includes Raspberry Pi 4 2GB

Budget Pack for Raspberry Pi 4 2G — Includes Raspberry Pi 4 2GB

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Gotta say — this Pi 4 is fly — so fast, lots of memory options, built in WiFi and Bluetooth and two HDMI ports???  All the cool kids are going to have it — but all the coolest kids are also going to have a big pack of super cool accessories that will get you started, especially if you want to connect breadboardable hardware like LEDs, sensors, and buttons.

We’ve hand-selected this pack as a budget-friendly swag bag with what you need to get going with your Pi 4: a high-quality power supply, Raspbian 16GB NOOBs SD card, lovely case, and prototyping essentials.
This pack contains:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B — 2 GB RAM — A full computer that’s credit-card size!
  • Official Raspberry Pi Foundation Raspberry Pi 4 Case — This case keeps your Pi secure, has labeled holes for connector access, and even comes with four little bumper feet. You can use all of the connectors on the edges of the Pi: microHDMI, USB-C power, Ethernet, and the USB ports.
  • Adafruit Assembled Pi Cobbler Plus & Cable — This is the soldered together version of our popular Pi T-Cobbler Plus. Comes with a breakout board that’s perfect for cobbling prototypes, as well as a 40-pin GPIO cable for your Pi’s pins.
  • ​Half-Size Breadboard — With 40 pins to break out, you’re going to need some space — and that’s why we’re including a half-size breadboard in this pack.
  • Premium Male/Male Jumper Wires — 20 x 3″ (75mm) — These jumper wires are great for making wire harness or jumpering between headers on PCBs.
  • 16GB SD Card pre-installed NOOBS 3.1- 16GB microSD card programmed with Raspberry Pi NOOBs
  • Official Raspberry Pi Power Supply 5.1V 3A with USB C — Super fast with just the right amount of cable length to get your Pi projects up and running

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