Бюджетный набор для Raspberry Pi

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Описание товара

Минимальный набор для первого знакомства с Raspberry Pi.

Данный набор не включает Raspberry Pi Model B и не совместим с моделью B +

В комплект входит:

  • New! Adafruit Pi Case — Keeps your Pi snug and safe, and is compatible with the GPIO cable and cobbler! Durable and chic, snaps together in seconds.
  • 3′ long USB Micro-B Cable — Use this to power the Pi from a computer or the 5V 1A adapter
  • 5V 1A power adapter — this ain’t no regular USB power plug! We had these custom made specifically for use with embedded Linux machines like the Pi. It provides clean 1A minimum with 5.25V to overcome the 0.25V drop of the USB cable
  • SD Card 4GB size — 2GB is a little too small, we think. This card works perfectly with our reader below and is ideal for loading in our educational Pi distro
  • Adafruit Pi Cobbler kit with GPIO cable — fully assembled and tested! No soldering required— makes connecting to the GPIO/I2C/SPI/Power pins easy as pie
  • Half-size solderless breadboard — Space to plug in the Cobbler and some other electronic parts
  • Breadboarding wires — These flexible wires come in various colors and are easier to use than ‘cut wire’ kits


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