Chibitronics Sensors Add-On Pack
Chibitronics Sensors Add-On PackChibitronics Sensors Add-On PackChibitronics Sensors Add-On PackChibitronics Sensors Add-On Pack

Chibitronics Sensors Add-On Pack

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Код товара: 1975
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Описание товара

Make almost any surface glow, sense, or interact with Chibitronics circuit stickers!

Circuit stickers are an imaginative and easy way to make fun electronics projects without coding, soldering, or maker experience. Just stick your circuit sticker onto a surface and add a battery to get a unique project that reps your maker spirit. You can even connect stickers with conductive materials like copper tape or even conductive paint to create elaborate designs and art projects.

The stickers are super lightweight, thin, and flexible. They’re perfect for educators, artists, and novices and are a great introduction into the world of electronics.

This is the Sensors Add-On Pack. It’s a great addition to the Chibitronics Starter Kit and includes:

  • Sound sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Trigger sensor
  • Touch sensor / Programmable microcontroller sticker
  • ISP interface breakout board to reprogram the microcontroller

Chibitronics is collaboration between bunnie Huang and Jie Qi . Jie is a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab and her research is all about combining arts and crafts with electronics and programming. bunnie is the Director of Studio Kosagi and a hacker who designs and manufactures hardware.