CircuitPython 3 Poster
CircuitPython 3 PosterCircuitPython 3 Poster

CircuitPython 3 Poster

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We’re celebrating CircuitPython 3 in «software box art» style here. You may remember when software came in a box — now with download-only you probably miss the shrink-wrap, the CD-ROMs, and even the cool release posters you’d sometimes snag.

And since you’re a CircuitPython fan (right?) we wanted to give you a lovely poster you can use to hang up in your python den. We already have the Blinka, the friendliest coding snake, on a sticker, an enamel pin, and a temporary tattoo. And now she’s on a lovely, glossy 24 x 18 inches poster that will look stellar in your work space or bedroom! She will provide the nicest morale support in your darkest coding (writer’s) block.

Comes packed in a cardboard tube for shipping and MADE IN THE USA, it looks awesome.

24″ x 18″ / ~610 x 457mm