Cold 3-Wire Splice (UR) - 10 pack
Cold 3-Wire Splice (UR) - 10 packCold 3-Wire Splice (UR) - 10 packCold 3-Wire Splice (UR) - 10 pack

Cold 3-Wire Splice (UR) — 10 pack

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Kiss those days of heat-shrink, melted jacketing and clumsily-arranged third-hand tools goodbye! Go ‘cold splice’ with these snap-able plastic splices for fast connections. Use with any 19-26 AWG solid core wire and slip them into the plastic splice so that they slide into the metal teeth. Then squeeze down with parallel-jaw or slip joint pliers — don’t use needle-noses, they have too much angle and not enough force. We also like using our panavise to squeeze them down.

This is a three-way butt splice. Connect two or three 19-26 AWG solid-core wires by sliding them in and then squeezing all at once. It’s an easy way to connect multiple wires without soldering.

The splices contain a little silicone jelly to keep the cold splice from oxidizing so they are a bit weatherproof. They are not waterproof.

Comes in a pack of 10 pieces! They’re handy so keep some around in your drawer.

Max Dimensions: 20mm / 0.78″ x 11.86mm / 0.46″ x 8.24mm / 0.32″
Weight: 1.10g

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