Digital Multimeter - VIC830
Digital Multimeter - VIC830

Digital Multimeter — VIC830

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Описание товара

This is a basic multimeter, I’ve played with it a bunch and I think its a great addition to a toolbox. It’s low cost and simple to use with a big clear display and all the measurements you need:
AC/DC Voltage measurement
Current measurement, from 1uA up to 10A
Beeping continuity test, and diode test

Comes with two probes as shown

Exact model may vary (we have two suppliers) but the quality and functionality is identical.

If you want to learn how to use it, there is a step by step tutorial here.

Dimensions: 144mm x 74mm x 39mm (5.6in x 3in x 1.6in)
Cables are each 60cm (24in)