DS2413 1-Wire Two GPIO Controller Breakout

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You’re too cool for I2C, and SPI has so many wires, 8-bit parallel… how can that be fashionable!? You are a 1-Wire kinda gal, and you want more 1-Wire breakouts in your life to complement all of your great engineering. Well rock on, because here you go, it’s a 1-Wire controller with two open-drain GPIO.You can put as many of the DS2413’s as you want on a single I/O line, each one is uniquely addressable and shares the single I/O pin happily. The two controllable I/O lines (PIOA and PIOB) can be used as inputs or outputs. They are open-drain, so if you want to power an LED or something, you’ll need a remote power supply (see Maxim’s product page for more details)We have a basic Arduino sketch that uses the OneWire library to communicate with this chip. Don’t forget to add the 4.7Kohm resistor from I/O to your 1-Wire controller power supply (3.3V — 5V) on the Arduino side of the wires.

  • Dimensions: 15.78mm / 0.62″ x 9.96mm / 0.39″ x 2.94mm / 0.11″



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