EM-406A GPS Module

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Описание товара

Sirf III chipset GPS module with 6 pin cable. Includes power/lock indicator LED and backup supercap. One of the nicest GPS modules I’ve come across

  • 5V power, ~40mA current draw
  • 45s cold start, 38s warm start, 8s hot start
  • -159dB sensitivity (I tested this a lot in the canyons of downtown New York)
  • 1.2″ x 1.2″ x 0.4″

Lots more info including datasheets, software, etc. available here


  • Length: 30.12mm/1.19in
  • Width: 30.00mm/1.18in
  • Height: 10.39mm/0.41in
  • Weight: 15.85g/0.56oz
  • Cable Length: 31.25mmm/1.23in

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