ESP32-S2 Kaluga Dev Kit featuring ESP32-S2 WROVER
ESP32-S2 Kaluga Dev Kit featuring ESP32-S2 WROVER

ESP32-S2 Kaluga Dev Kit featuring ESP32-S2 WROVER

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  • The ESP32-S2-Kaluga-1 kit is a full featured development kit by Espressif for the ESP32-S2 that comes with everything but the kitchen sink! From TFTs to touch panels, this dev board has it all. Espressif designed this kit to demonstrate the ESP32-S2’s human-computer interaction functionalities and provide the users with the tools for development of human-computer interaction applications based on their new WiFi modules with the ESP32-S2 chipThe Kaluga comes with a WROVER module, which has 2 MB (8 Mbit) PSRAM mounted for a roomy development environment!

    The micro USB connector on the Kaluga is wired through a CP210x USB to serial converter chip for debugging and programming. The native USB is not available on a USB connector — instead you’ll want to pick up a Micro B USB connector breakout, Type C USB connector breakout or USB data cable and hand-wire D19/D20 to D+ and D- pads.

    There are many ways of how the ESP32-S2’s abundant functionalities can be used. For starters, the possible use cases may include:

    • Smart home: From simplest smart lighting, smart door locks, smart sockets, to video streaming devices, security cameras, OTT devices, and home appliances
    • Battery-powered equipment: Wi-Fi mesh sensor networks, Wi-Fi-networked toys, wearable devices, health management equipment
    • Industrial automation equipment: Wireless control and robot technology, intelligent lighting, HVAC control equipment, etc.
    • Retail and catering industry: POS machines and service robots

    Each order comes with a nice boxed kit containing:

    • Main board: ESP32-S2-Kaluga-1
    • ESP-LyraT-8311A audio player extension board
    • ESP-LyraP-TouchA touch panel extension board
    • ESP-LyraP-LCD32 3.2” LCD screen extension board
    • ESP-LyraP-CAM camera board extension board

    Espressif ESP32-S2 supports ESP-IDF master or version v4.2 and higher. You’ll find information to get started with ESP32-S2 Kaluga board and hardware documentation (e.g. schematics) in Espressif’s Documentation website.


    • ESP32-S2-WROVER & ESP32-S2-WROVER-I Datasheet

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