ESP32-S3 Box
ESP32-S3 BoxESP32-S3 BoxESP32-S3 BoxESP32-S3 BoxESP32-S3 BoxESP32-S3 BoxESP32-S3 BoxESP32-S3 Box

ESP32-S3 Box

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Описание товара

The ESP-BOX is a new generation AIoT development platform released by Espressif Systems. The ESP32-S3-BOX is an AIoT development board that is based on Espressif’s ESP32-S3 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 5 (LE) SoC. The ESP32-S3-BOX provides a platform for developing the control of home appliances using Voice Assistance + touch screen controller, sensor, infrared controller, and intelligent Wi-Fi gateway.

The ESP32-S3-BOX comes with pre-built firmware that supports offline voice interaction, with the SDKs and examples provided by Espressif, you will be able to develop a wide variety of AIoT applications based on the ESP32-S3-BOX such as online and offline voice assistants, voice-enabled devices, HMI touch-screen devices, control panels, multi-protocol gateways easily.

ESP-BOX features:

  • Supports far-field voice interaction with 2 mics
  • Offline voice wake-up with high wake-up rate
  • Offline speech commands recognition in Chinese and English languages with high recognition rate
  • Reconfigurable voice commands in Chinese and English languages
  • Flexible and reusable GUI framework
  • End-to-end IoT development framework ESP-RainMaker
  • Pmod™ compatible headers support expand peripheral modules
  • For getting started with ESP32-S3-BOX, Please refer to the Getting Started
  • For voice control and customization, please refer to the Voice Assistance Control and Customization
  • For controlling the device by graphical user interface, please refer to the GUI Guide
  • For more details of ESP32-S3-BOX hardware, Please refer to ESP32-S3-BOX hardware overview
  • For the latest version firmware, Please refer to the ESP32-S3-BOX firmware update

Important Note: We recommend updating the ESP32-S3-BOX firmware when you first receive the kit to have the latest features and bugfix. Current firmware support is though ESP-IDF (not Arduino or CircuitPython/MicroPython yet)

Technical Details

ESP-BOX Open-Source Content Includes:

  • Schematic and PCB Source File
  • Shell 3D Print Source File
  • Firmware Source Code
  • Examples Source Code

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