Flowing Effect MicroUSB Data+Charging Cable — White w/Aqua EL

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Spice up your Micro USB charging/data transfers with this elegant flowing-effect EL cable. The cable has a thin cord of EL in the center, and a micro-inverter in the USB plug. The cable works perfectly fine as a classic 2.5-foot long USB cable, and can be used for data transfer and/or charging. As the current draw through the cable increases, the speed of the flowing effect speeds up. This makes it surprisingly handy as a way to roughly gauge the current draw of the USB client. The EL inverter draws 70mA at all times, so keep this in mind — it will drain a battery-powered USB pack pretty fast!

This cable is white, with aqua EL, and has a micro USB connector in the end. We also have black cables, cables with iPhone 30-pin contacts and cables with iPhone 5 ‘lightning’ connectors.

  • USB A connector on one end, Micro USB on the other
  • Works for charging and data connections
  • 2.5 foot/0.8 meter long cable

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