Hackaday Omnibus - 2014
Hackaday Omnibus - 2014Hackaday Omnibus - 2014Hackaday Omnibus - 2014Hackaday Omnibus - 2014Hackaday Omnibus - 2014Hackaday Omnibus - 2014

Hackaday Omnibus — 2014

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Описание товара

  • «Print is dead. Being dead never stopped us from loving something.» — Mike Szczys, mananging editor, Hackaday.

    The Hackaday Omnibus is eighty full-color pages containing long-form original content fromHackaday in 2014.

    The articles cover some of the high points from the year such as communicating with long-absent space probes and looking at the issue of Net Neutrality.

    Each story is accompanied by original illustrations in beautiful full color. The combination of the content, art, and layout makes this something every maker would want lying around — be it on the coffee table, the workbench, or at the hackerspace.

    Note: Shipping weight reflects UPS’ new dimensional weight regulations.

  • Технические данные

    • Articles by: Gregory Charvat, Bil Herd, Brian Benchoff, Adam Fabio, Martin Maly, Charles Alexanian, Aleksandar Bradic, Benjamin Delarre, Rick Osgood, and Elliot Williams
    • Art by: Joe Kim and Ivan Lazarevic