HexBright FLEX
HexBright FLEXHexBright FLEX

HexBright FLEX

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    The HexBright FLEX is the world’s first open source, Arduino compatible, rechargeable LED light. Features include a high quality CNC aluminum body, an ergonomic grip, a TIR lens & sealed ends.

    Stats for the HexBright FLEX, 500 lm model:

    • USA Made CREE XM-L U2
    • Rugged All-Aluminum Construction
    • USB Rechargeable and Programmable
    • Regulated light output! Stays constant!
    • High Mode — 500 Lumens/1 Hour
    • Medium Mode — 175 Lumens/8 Hours
    • Low Mode — 50 Lumens/30 Hours
    • Arduino Compatible and Open Source!
    • Includes battery, cable and wall charger
    • The HexBright we carry currently has a black body!

    • Dimension: 145mm x 34mm (5.7″ x 1.3″)
    • Weight: 216 grams
    • Schematic and Instructions
    • LED Info
    • Beam Pattern
    • CRE XML Lumen Data

HexBright FLEX

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