IBM TJBot – A Watson Maker Kit
IBM TJBot – A Watson Maker KitIBM TJBot – A Watson Maker Kit

IBM TJBot – A Watson Maker Kit

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Say hello to your new little friend – it might just say «hello» back!

Have some fun and code your very own AI robot with TJBot, a do-it-yourself template to learn, experiment, and explore AI with IBM Watson. The project consists of open-source step-by-step recipes, or coding instructions, designed for a Raspberry PI to help you connect your TJBot to Watson developer services.

Want to chat with TJBot or teach it to dance? TJBot uses a Raspberry Pi to connect to Watson Services and control various hardware components. Use featured TJBot recipes on Github and Instructables or create your own new recipes and share them with the world.

TJBot is an example of ‘embodied cognition’ – the idea of embedding artificial intelligence into objects in our everyday lives. While in this case IBM is putting Watson technologies into a cardboard cutout, imagine these types of capabilities in your walls, in your furniture or in objects in your home.

Kit includes:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi Camera Board v2
  • Micro Servo
  • Mini USB Microphone
  • Mini External USB Stereo Speaker
  • Female/Female Jumper Wires — 20 x 3″
  • Female/Male ‘Extension’ Jumper Wires — 20 x 3″
  • 5V 2.5A Switching Power Supply
  • NeoPixel Diffused 8mm Through-Hole LED — 5 Pack
  • 16GB Card with NOOBS
  • TJBot Chipboard and frame


Be careful when folding the chipboard in this kit — once the chipboard is folded, its not going to bend the other way, so make sure you’re bending in the right direction! If you do end up breaking off one of the pieces, don’t worry, you’ll just have to get a little crafty and use some tape or glue. For the most durable TJ, we recommend 3D printing the little guy.


Revision History:

  • As of July 22, 2019 this now contains an SD card loaded with NOOBS 3.0
  • As of September 11, 2018 this kit now comes with a 2.5A power supply instead of 2.4A