ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) Coated Glass - 50mm x 50mm
1310led_LRG1310ohm_LRGITO (Indium Tin Oxide) Coated Glass - 50mm x 50mm

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) Coated Glass — 50mm x 50mm

295 грн.

Код товара: 1310

Описание товара

ITO is a clear, conductive liquid/film and here we have it as a coating on a 1mm glass sheet. This is a very interesting and fun material, also used in scientific research and LCD/OLED manufacture! One side of the glass is coated in ITO, you can use the flat of a blade or similar to scrape away some of the film to create ‘traces’ — just be careful because as it is glass, any nick-lines will cause it to break on the line (that’s how a glass cutter works) It may also be possible to use a laser cutter to pattern it. We’re looking forward to seeing what people do with this cool stuff!

It’s not possible to solder to this material, but you can use conductive inks, paints, copper tape (with conductive adhesive) and alligator clips to make contact.

50mm by 50mm, 1.1mm thick
ITO layer on one side, 1850Å thick
10-15 Ω per sq inch
Weight: 6.95g