Kelvin Clip
Kelvin ClipKelvin ClipKelvin ClipKelvin Clip

Kelvin Clip

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Описание товара

Kelvin clips are used whenever you need to get a measurement right at the contact points of a circuit or component. Even though these are grippy clips, each side of the clip is electrically insulated. So you can use it to grab onto a part (as seen above) and perform measurements. These can also be used in circuit if needed.

The clip is bare and comes with two jaw contacts that are screwed into each side of the plastic clip. No wires are included, but you can easily solder to the clip jaws.


Product Dimensions: 51.5mm x 25.0mm x 12.4mm / 2.0″ x 1.0″ x 0.5″

Product Weight: 5.5g / 0.2oz