Light Up Key Switch Keychain — Green LED — MX Compatible Switches

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Описание товара

If you have one of our etched glow-through keycaps, this adorable, bite-sized Key Switch Keychain is the perfect accessory to show it off. It’s basically a satisfying clicky tactile key switch, with a green LED and a CR1220 battery. Press the button to connect the LED to the battery and ka-pow! Your keycap lights up.

Way easier than doing a custom DIY keyboard build, and quite satisfying if you have a fidgety hand. Comes with a handy little cord so you can attach it to your bag or purse.

This is just the key switch key chain. Keycaps are not included, so pick your favorite design to snap on.


Product Dimensions: 23.5mm x 22.5mm x 20.0mm / 0.9″ x 0.9″ x 0.8″

Product Weight: 6.3g / 0.2oz

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