littleBits Deluxe Kit
littleBits Deluxe KitlittleBits Deluxe KitlittleBits Deluxe KitlittleBits Deluxe Kit

littleBits Deluxe Kit

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Описание товара

The littleBits Deluxe Kit is the biggest collection of Bits modules ever made, allowing creators young and old to create more complex and intricate projects than ever before! It has 18 color-coded modules that snap together with magnets to make over 5 million possible simple and complex circuit combinations. The Deluxe Kit was designed for endless hours of fun and includes both the DC motor (with motorMate accessory) and servo motor (with servo accessories), a wide assortment of wire modules like the fork, inverter and latch, as well as the timeout and light wire Bits modules. The Deluxe Kit is a well-stocked littleBits collection just by itself and includes everything you need to start designing and prototyping your own interactive creations, including a 9V battery and an attractive, re-usable case. There is also an expansive project booklet with step-by-step instructions for 15 spectacular projects like the Unihorn Helmet and the famous Swimming Shark. The Deluxe Kit is a long-term investment in creativity!

Deluxe Kit Includes:

18 Bits modules:
1 power
1 button
1 slide dimmer
1 timeout
1 sound trigger
1 pulse
1 buzzer
1 DC motor
1 servo motor
1 light wire
1 fork
1 inverter
1 latch
4 wires
Activity booklet with information on each Bits module and instructions for 15 projects
Custom-made 9V battery + cable
Custom-made plastic screwdriver


Snap and play, magnets prevent you from putting things the wrong way.
Play with light, sound, sensing and buttons without wiring, soldering or programming.
Make your own interactive objects, or combine with other construction toys.
Explain to your children the complex notions of electricity, electronics and science in a fun way!
Watch this Kit Insider video for tips about how the littleBits Deluxe Kit can take your ideas to the stars!

littleBits are open source hardware. Circuit diagrams are available in the littleBits GitHub repository.