Lockitron Motorized Door Lock Body
Lockitron Motorized Door Lock BodyLockitron Motorized Door Lock BodyLockitron Motorized Door Lock BodyLockitron Motorized Door Lock Body

Lockitron Motorized Door Lock Body

2,598 грн.

Описание товара

Build your own smart lock with the Lockitron motorized door lock enclosure! Normally, a Lockitron has a built-in WiFi system for locking & unlocking via their App. Since they have redesigned their enclosure, we now have the ‘guts’ of the Lockitron available for hacking. There’s just enough space inside for some tasty Adafruit electronics

You get the housing for the original Lockitron, which contains a geared down DC motor, the mechanical rotation mechanism + detection switches and a 4xAA battery holder. You don’t get a control board, motor driver, or app. So this is best for makers, hackers, and other’s who want to adapt and create their own version of the Lockitron.

For example: wouldn’t it be cool if, instead of having to give your dog-sitter a key to your place, you could just text your home to let her in? We can build it ourselves using the new Lockitron body, Metro Mini (tiny Arduino-compatible) and a FONA 800 cellular module and other components. Check out our tutorial for how we built just such a project - those extra parts aren’t included but the tutorial does show you how to use it.

Comes with just the housing as described above, no electronic components included! You’ll probably want a bi-directional DC motor driver board that can control a 6V motor, and a microcontroller or other ‘brains’ for making the magic happen.

Even though it isn’t supported by Lockitron, the original Lockitron website will be helpful, e.g. to figure out if you can use this with your lock!

Technical Details

  • Installation Manual
  • 175mm x 150mm x 38mm / 6.9″ x 5.9″ x 1.5″
  • Height with pad lock: 49mm / 1.9″
  • Weight (nothing inside): 533g