Lumi Shadow Printing Kit
Lumi Shadow Printing Kit

Lumi Shadow Printing Kit

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Код товара: 1925
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Описание товара

With the Lumi Shadow Printing Kit, you can learn the basics of Lumi’s own Inkodye, a sunlight-activated dye. This kit teaches you how to print unique patterns with ordinary everyday objects. It’s an easy and affordable way to begin printing with Inkodye and is a great first step to printing a custom canvas pouch, without the need for a special ink curing lamp.

While the kit comes with instructions, there’s also a step-by-step guide on the Lumi site.

This kit contains:

  • Inkodye Orange Snap Pack — x1
  • Inkodye Magenta Snap Pack — x1
  • Inkowash Detergent Snap Pack — x1
  • Canvas Pouch (200mm x 100mm) — x1
  • Acrylic Overlay (200mm x 100mm) — x1

Lumi Shadow Printing Kit

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