Mini Color PiTFT Ad Blocking Pi-Hole Kit - No Soldering!
Mini Color PiTFT Ad Blocking Pi-Hole Kit - No Soldering!Mini Color PiTFT Ad Blocking Pi-Hole Kit - No Soldering!

Mini Color PiTFT Ad Blocking Pi-Hole Kit — No Soldering!

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A long time ago we made a Pi into a WiFi gateway that also blocked ads but the Pi Hole project does a way better job!

This kit will make your Pi Zero W act as a DNS (Domain Name Server) The kind of device that tells you that is known as IP address

Except, when Pi Hole DNS is installed, it will do a special trick, when it is asked for the IP address of (for example) it will return nothing! So you will never even connect to the ad server and get the ad. Your connection will be faster, less data, and no intrusive ads. It works great on computers, tablets, phones, etc. Even if you cannot run an ad-blocker plugin on your phone or tablet, this will work and most ad-blocker-detectors can’t tell you’re running it.

Unlike our WiFi gateway demo, you do not have to set up the Pi as your access point, you will only use it as a DNS ad blocker so it will not act as a bottleneck.

We upgraded our Pi Zero Pi Hole with a little color display, that makes setting up clients easy and also gives you some nifty stats! If you want a kit with a huge color display for tons of stats and ad-blockin’ goodness check out our guide and kit for using Pi-Hole with the Raspberry Pi 3 and PiTFT 2.8″ color screen

Follow along with our learn guide to DIY your own Pi Zero ad blocker

This pack includes:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero WH — the type of low-cost game-changing product Raspberry Pi’s known for — the super light, super lean microcomputer we’ve come to know and low, but now with built-in WiFi. Comes with pre-soldered headers
  • Adafruit Mini PiTFT — full color 240×135 pixel IPS display with great visibility at all angles. The TFT uses only the SPI port so it’s very fast — and unlike the OLED display, it will not dim over time
  • Adafruit Pi Zero Enclosure — Adafruit’s classic, sturdy plastic enclosure. Keeps your Pi Zero safe!
  • 16GB Card with NOOBS 3.1 for Raspberry Pi Computers — the fastest way to have a variety of operating systems on your Pi

All you need is a USB power supply and a USB cable (not included cause you probably have spares) to power the Pi Zero WH+PiTFT. You can put it anywhere in your home or office where WiFi is available.