NVIDIA Jetbot Parts Pack
NVIDIA Jetbot Parts Pack

NVIDIA Jetbot Parts Pack

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The Jetbot Parts Pack is everything you need to get your next vroom vroom project up and rolling!

Includes our popular DC Motor + Stepper FeatherWing which will let you use 2 x brushed DC motors with I2C control. You also get two wheels with grippy tires, to match.

The Adafruit 128×32 PiOLED is your little OLED pal, ready to snap onto your Jetson computer, to give you a little display. The PiOLED comes with a monochrome 128×32 OLED, with sharp white pixels. Some right angle header makes it easy to mount for high visibility.


  • 1 x Adafruit DC Motor + Stepper FeatherWing Add-on For All Feather Boards
  • 1 x Adafruit PiOLED — 128×32 Monochrome OLED Add-on for Raspberry Pi
  • 5 x Break-away 0.1″ 2×36-pin Right-Angle Male Headers
  • 2 x DC Gearbox Motors — «TT Motors» — 200RPM — 3 to 6VDC
  • 2 x Skinny TT Motor Wheels — 60mm Diameter

Jetson Nano and 3D printed case not included, for more info on how to build the JetBot check out the guide/tutorial from NVIDIA