OctoPrint Parts Pack
OctoPrint Parts Pack

OctoPrint Parts Pack

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Описание товара

  • This OctoPrint parts pack is everything you need to start using OctoPrint software with your 3D printer! OctoPrint lets you connect to your printer through a device like a Raspberry Pi and control your print job with basic functions like starting, stopping, and pausing.  It will also allow you to remotely move the print head along all axes or creat custom controls.  Finally, with OctoPrint you’ll also gain the ability to receive constant feedback from your printer so you know the status of your printjob — a great addition for those who can’t wait for their new 3D printed gadget.  You also have the option to use a USB Webcam or Raspberry Pi Camera Module (not included) to monitor your 3D printer or your print jobs.

    The OctoPrint parts pack is a very neat, very easy way to set up your printer for wireless control and capability.  There’s a bunch more information on the OctoPrint site including details on how to set up your OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi and some frequently asked questions.

  • Технические данные

    This pack contains:

    • 1 x 5V 2A Switching Power Supply w/ 20AWG 6′ MicroUSB Cable
    • 1 x Mini WiFi (802.11b/g/n) Module: For Raspberry Pi and more
    • 1 x Pi Model B+ / Pi 2 Case Base — Green
    • 1 x Raspberry Pi Model B+ / Pi 2 Case Lid — Green
    • 1 x Raspberry Pi 2 — Model B — ARMv7 with 1G RAM
    • 1 x 8GB Class 10 SD Card preflashed with OctoPi

OctoPrint Parts Pack