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Orange Pi PCOrange Pi PCOrange Pi PC

Orange Pi

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Описание товара

Orange pi nk ubuntu linux and android-mini PC for compatibility with raspberry Pi 2

With Orange Pi PC?

It is an open-source single-board computer. It can run Android 4.4, Ubuntu, Debian, rasberry Pi image. It uses Allwinner H3 SOC, and has a 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM


What can I do with an orange wee PC?

Build …

  • A computer
  • Wireless Server
  • Games
  • Music and sounds
  • HD video
  • Speaker
  • Android
  • Scratching
  • Pretty much anything else, because the orange PI open source

Who is she?

Orange PI PC for those who want to start creating a technology-not just a lot. It’s a simple, fun, useful tool that you can use to get control over the world around you.

Hardware Specification

CPU H3 quad-core Cortex-A7 H.265 / HEVC 4 K
· Mali400MP2 GPU @ 600MHz
Supports OpenGL ES 2.0
Memory (SDRAM) 1 GB DDR3 (in conjunction with the GPU)
Onboard Storage Memory cards (max. 64 GB) / MMC Card Slot
On-board network 10/100 Ethernet RJ45
Video Input The CSI input jack Camera:Supports 8-bit YUV422 CMOS Sensor InterfaceSupports CCIR656 protocol for NTSC and PAL

   Support for SM-pixel camera sensor

It supports video capture solution to 1080P @ 30fps

Audio Input Microphone
Video outputs

Support for HDMI output with HDCP

It supports HDMI CEC

Support HDMI function 30

Integrated CVBS

It supports simultaneous HDMI output and CVBS

Audio output 3.5 mm jack and HDMI
Source of power
  DC input, USB OTG power input is not
X USB 2.0 Three USB 2.0 Host, USB 2.0 OTG
Buttons Power button:
Low-level Peripherals
40 contact header that is compatible with the Raspberry Pi B +
GPIO (1×3) UART, land.
LED Power LED status indicator
Key IR,
Supported operating systems Android lubuntu, debian, Rasberry Pi изображения

The interface definition

Product Size 85 mm × 55 mm
The weight 38 g
Orange PI ™ is a trademark of Shenzhen xunlong Software Limited