Oscilloscope Probe 100MHz

Oscilloscope Probe 100MHz

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Poke and prod your electronics with a new ‘scope probe. This is a classic probe, good quality and has a nice strong spring-clip and grounding clip. Good for up to 100MHz signals, with a standard oscilloscope BNC connector. Comes as shown, the ring color on the body of the probe/connector may vary.

1x or 10x attenuation (slide switch on body)
Input resistance: 1Mohm (1x) or 10Mohm (10x)
Input capacitance: 85-120pF (1x) or 18-22pF (10x)
Compensation cap range: 10-30pF
Bandwidth: DC-6MHz (1x) or DC-100MHz (10x)
Input voltage: 300VDC/AC Vpp (1x) or 600VDC/AC Vpp (10x)
Operating temp: -15 degree C to 75 degree C
Humidity: Under 85% RH
Wire length from connector to probe: 0.97m / 38.5″