Panel Mount Ethernet Extension Cable

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This handy Ethernet extension cable will make it easy for you to enclose a device that has an Ethernet port. We think this would be most useful when putting a Beagle Bone, Raspberry Pi, Arduino Ethernet into a box.

The jack half has two mounting ‘ears’ with M3 screws installed, .9″ inch / 27.5mm apart. The ears are flexible so the holes don’t have to drilled very precisely. Can be used with box walls up to 0.25″ wide. The screws can be put on from the back for ‘reverse’ mounting if the box thickness is a problem. Entire unit is 12″ long (9″ cabling between jack and RJ45 Ethernet connector).

  • Panel mount Ethernet 8P socket with Ethernet 8P plug at cable end. Straight-through extension
  • 24 AWG wires
  • 12″ long / 31 cm from tip to tip
  • 9″ / 23 cm cabling from jack to connector
  • Two M3 mounting screws, .9″ / 27.5mm apart
  • Plastic «boot» at Ethernet end is 20.32mm tall x 33.14mm wide (21.00mm where it is smaller behind the mounting flange) x 28.32mm deep


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