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Particle Debugger

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Код товара: 4001

Описание товара

If you’ve got a modern ARM chip devboard you’ll notice that it has one of those tiny 2×5 connectors on it. Those are SWD ports, and they’re used when you need to program or debug an ARM chip like those on the Particle boards.

So, say you want to get into the weeds on these chips, trace stracks, watch memory, or re-program the chip directly? You’ll need one of these. The Particle Debugger gives you the power of professional debugging at a fraction of the cost. Using this accessory, you’ll be able to program Particle mesh-ready hardware over common interfaces like JTAG and SWD, using open source tools like GDB.

Not only do you get the classic 2×5 cable but also socket headers for power, data, and even a bonus UART connection, very handy!

Supports the open source CMSIS-DAP specification and DAPLink firmware developed by ARM.

Comes with one 2×5 0.05″ pitch SWD/JTAG ribbon cable.

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