Peltier Thermo-Electric Cooler Module — 12V 5A

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Описание товара

Keep it cool with a Peltier module. These unique electronic components can generate a temperature differential when powered. That is to say, apply 12V to the red (positive) and black (negative) wires and one side will get cold while the other side gets hot. For best results, you’ll need to wick away that heat (otherwise the cold side will slowly get warmer). A fan and/or heatsink is ideal.This module is a 12V module, and is rated for 72W max (12V/6A) but when we plugged them in they never seemed to draw more than 5A so we suggest our 12V/5A power adapter for use.

  • Max current: 6A @ 12V
  • Suggested Voltage range: 12V to 15.5V
  • Maximum temperature differential (Tmax @ Qc = 0): 66°C
  • Maximum cooling power (Qcmax) @ 15.3V: 97W
  • 127 Peltier elements
  • DC Resistance: 2.5 ohms
  • Silicone seal
  • Dimensions: 40mm / 1.57″ x 40mm / 1.57″ x 3.5mm / 0.13″
  • Wire Length: 339.72mm / 13.32″
  • Weight: 20.68g

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