Peltier Thermo-Electric Cooler Module+Heatsink Assembly — 12V 5A

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Описание товара

This is for people who just want to get cold fast. The 12V Peltier module is mounted onto a 12V heatsink and fan assembly with thermal paste and an aluminum clamp. Simply connect to 12V 5A+ power supply and you will see frost appear on the aluminum plate within a minute. This assembly comes with the best Peltier we could get, so it can get even colder than the stand-alone module we stock, but we think the price is worth it. Just sitting on our desk it got down to -3.6°C, nice and frosty!Comes with the Peltier, heatsink, fan all assembled. You’ll need a power supply to power it, we suggest our 12V 5A wall adapter. We show a temperature meter in a photo but that’s not included, its just to show you how cold it gets.
  • Dimensions: 89.74mm / 3.53″ x 91.07mm / 3.58″ x 69.72mm / 2.74″
  • Wire Length: 280mm / 11.02
  • Weight: 455.13g

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