PhoBot - Robotics Shield for Photon
PhoBot - Robotics Shield for PhotonPhoBot - Robotics Shield for PhotonPhoBot - Robotics Shield for Photon

PhoBot — Robotics Shield for Photon

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  • Get your Particle (formally known as Spark) Photon moving with a PhoBot Robotics shield.No, this is not a robot that makes you a delicious bowl of Vietnamese soup.  Instead, it’s a board from Simon Monk that’s kind of like a Motorshield for your Spark Core or Particle Photon that makes controlling small robots easy!

    The board features bi-directional motor control using a TB6612 dual H-bridge, so it can control one stepper motor or two brushed DC motors with 4.5-13VDC power and about 1A current draw per motor. There’s also two open drain 2A MOSFET outputs for things like solenoids or large LEDs. There’s a socket for a HC-SR04 sonar sensor, and a socket breakout available to use with 5V i2c interface sensors. The board provides 5V regulated power to Photon or Core with a max input voltage of 12V.

    There’s an accompanying C library here to help you get your PhoBot up and running and SparkCore or Photon controlling robots!

    Note: This product is just the PhoBot.  This product does not contain the Photon.

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