Pig-Tail Cables — 0.1″ 2-pin — 4 Pack

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You’ll find these handy 2-pin 0.1″ spacing pig-tails to be quite helpful when wiring up your project. The connector end snaps cleanly into 0.1″ spaced header (and fits neatly side by side on 0.1″ spacing as well). We think this would be especially useful when paired with our PWM driver breakout, to control 16 PWM LEDs that are wired, but there’s probably a dozen other uses.Come in a pack of four cables, 12 inches long, each one has two contacts placed in a housing. We don’t have the exact part # for the housing but it appears to be identical to this Molex C-Grid part.
  • Dupont 0.1″ spaced connector
  • Cable length: 12 inches


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