PIHUB — USB Hub for Raspberry Pi

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A high-power, reliable, USB 2.0 hub ideal for the Raspberry Pi®
Fast, Fiesty and Fruity
Tested & endorsed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation!Small enough to fit in your pocket but with enough power to charge mobile phones, run hard drives and other power-hungry gadgets the PIHUB is the must have accessory for the Raspberry Pi.

  • Beautifully formed with bold silkscreen
  • 10% of revenue donated back to the Raspberry Pi foundation
  • Made, with love, by the happy Pimoroni pirate crew in Sheffield, UK
  • Fully USB 2.0 compliant (backwards compatible with USB 1.1)
  • 3000mA supply to power the hungriest of gadgets
  • 5.2V rich voltage to avoid brownouts
  • Multi TT processor for the best possible Raspberry Pi performance
  • 4 high-power USB ports for reliable Pi Power (also great for phones, hard disks, anything!)
  • Will run from bus-power in the absence of a power brick
  • CE and FCC approved for EMI good behaviour.

With 10% of revenue going to the Raspberry Pi Foundation the hub is not only helping you with your projects it’s also helping to fund education projects around the world!

*Babbage Bear not included — awwwwww!

PIHUB — USB Hub for Raspberry Pi (12:00)

  • Dimensions: 76.64mm / 3.02″ x 60.87mm / 2.40″ x 21mm / 0.83″
  • Weight: 50.61g


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