Pimoroni enviro:bit for micro:bit
Pimoroni enviro:bit for micro:bitPimoroni enviro:bit for micro:bitPimoroni enviro:bit for micro:bitPimoroni enviro:bit for micro:bit

Pimoroni enviro:bit for micro:bit

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Описание товара

Be your own meteorologist or cobble together a cool, dynamic weather science project with Pimoroni’s enviro:bit for micro:bit!

This add-on board is jam-packed with all the sensors you want to graph or visualize your weather readings! With the TCS3472 sensor, detecting colors and measuring light are easy-peasy-lemon-squeeze. The BME280 lets you measure temperature, air pressure, and humidity, and the MEMS microphone detects sound!

All you have to do is slide the enviro:bit into the micro:bit slot. If you’re using MakeCode, install the enviro:bit package, and you’re good to go! Feeling a little more advanced or wanting to dip your toes in MicroPython? Take a gander at the Mu code editor!


  • Arrives fully-assembled and ready to use
  • BME280 temperature, pressure, and humidity sensor
  • TCS3472 light and color sensor
  • MEMS microphone
  • Compatible with micro:bit
  • Microsoft MakeCode and MicroPython support
  • No soldering required!
  • For product support, replacement parts and warranty for Pimoroni products, visit the Pimoroni forum or contact Pimoroni directly.Product Dimensions: 66.5mm x 28.0mm x 11.8mm / 2.6″ x 1.1″ x 0.5″Product Weight: 12.1g / 0.4oz