PIXEL Guts Kit — Bluetooth Controlled 32×32 RGB LED Matrix Kit

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Control a 32×32 LED matrix with your Android device or PC over Bluetooth, no soldering or coding required! This is a 32×32 (1024 total) LED RGB matrix connected to a custom IOIO Mint so that custom graphics can be sent from any Android device to the display. Originally designed for a kickstarter, now the ‘guts’ of the PIXEL project are available for pixelated graphics fans who want to create their own custom enclosure.Comes with dozens of fun animations. Or easily create and add your own. Comes with a 32×32 LED Matrix, IOIO Mint with custom ‘shield’, 5V 4A power adapter (US plug but can take 100-240VAC input), a Bluetooth module for the IOIO and a Bluetooth module for your PC (in case it doesn’t have one), and necessary cabling. Android tablet/phone not included. You’ll need to have your own Android device for controlling the PIXEL kit.

If you are doing a custom PIXEL Guts installation involving mounting the LED panel to something, be sure and use the PIXEL Guts LED Panel Mounting Template. Simply print it out and use it as a mounting guide. The mounting template shows the placement of the 8 screws on the back of the LED panel as well the cut-out needed for the LED panel header and power cables.

  • Pixel Plate Dimensions: 190.5mm / 7.5″ x 190.5mm / 7.5″ x 15.87mm / 0.62″