Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT
Raspberry Pi PoE+ HATRaspberry Pi PoE+ HATRaspberry Pi PoE+ HATRaspberry Pi PoE+ HAT

Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT

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Power over Ethernet (PoE) can make your project wiring a breeze — instead of needing a wire for power and data, you can use one Ethernet cable for both!

Simply attach the standoffs in the four corners of the HAT, then connect to the 40-pin header. Once the HAT is connected, you can power your Pi through the RJ-45 network connector.

Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3 B+ that has PoE pins and Raspberry Pi 4. The Raspberry Pi computer is not included.

For people with neither Pi 3 B+’s nor Pi 4s, or if you can’t use a HAT in your setup, check out our PoE to MicroUSB splitter, which will work with any computer that is powered from Micro USB.

  • Standard: IEEE 802.3at-2003 PoE
  • Input voltage: 37–57 V DC, Class 4 device
  • Output power: 5VDC / 4A
  • Cooling: real cute 25mm × 25mm brushless fan delivering 2.2 CFM for processor cooling
  • Fully isolated switched-mode power supply and fan control
  • Operating temperature: 0°C ~ +50°C

We also still carry the V1 version of the PoE HAT.


For more information, check out Raspberry Pi’s website

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