Sensor pack 900

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Описание товара

An assortment of the most common sensors used in electronics. 9 sensors and 3 additional components to interface with the ‘analog world’. We have some tutorials here, to get you started.

  • Triple-axis analog accelerometer — for measuring motion and tilt
  • Force sensitive resistor — for sensing pressure/force
  • Temperature sensor — for measuring from -40 to over +125 degrees C
  • 10K breadboard potentiometer
  • Hall effect sensor — for sensing a magnet
  • Magnet — for use with the hall effect
  • Piezo — can be used as a buzzer or a knock sensor
  • Ball tilt sensor — for sensing orientation
  • Photo cell sensor — for sensing light
  • IR sensor — for sensing infrared light pulsing at 38KHz
  • IR LED — for use with the IR sensor