SIM Reader kit — v1.0

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This is a SIM card reader/writer kit for experimentation and investigation of SIM & Smart cards. Once the kit is assenbled, accompanying software can be used to read and write from the card. Together they can be used to backup stored SIM card data, recover deleted SMS’s and phone contacts, examine the last 10 phone numbers dialed, etc. (Despite being called a SIM reader, it can also write to SIM cards)This project is fairly easy and can be soldered together within an hour, even if you’ve never soldered before!The kit includes PCB and all necessary components. Basic hand/soldering tools, 9V battery, SIM card and serial cable are not included. For a list of what is included in the kit, please check the parts list.

Graphical software runs on Mac, Windows and Linux and is free & open source. Computers without DB-9 serial ports (such as Macs and some laptops)can use either a USB-serial converter or a FTDI USB-TTL cable.

There’s tons more information at the webpage!


  • Dimensions (PCB Only): 5971 x 39mm x 1.6mm (2.3in x 1.5in x 0.06in)
  • Dimensions (assembled): 59mm x 39mm x 13mm (2.8in x 1.5in x 0.5in)
  • Weight: 23g / 0.8oz


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